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Help Us Support Nature & The Community

Teiku is also an association with a deep desire to give back to nature and support the local community and tribes.

We have several projects that are really important to us. We are very grateful if you want to support those projects as well.

Our Projects
Ecological Educational Center 

So far we have built a kindergarten for the children of the community. It is a nonprofit center.

It is a kindergarten for the ages of 2 until 6.


Based on our strong connection and care for Mother Earth, we would like to use the space as an environmental education center for children as well. 

In the stage we are in right now, we are asking for money for


  • books and teaching material

  • games

  • instruments

  • material to construct a tippi as a separate space 

Buying land for conservation

One of our projects includes buying lands in the mountain to preserve them and transform them into natural reserves.


These lands have been cattle ranches in the past which is why the soils are depleted and need to be recovered. The conservation of the land will also help to protect headwaters which are the source of our drinking water.

Replanting project

As Teiku being a small community within the bigger community of the village of Trompito, we want to support the people that live here to give back to Mother Earth. 


We are providing resources to the families from the town to plant trees in their lands to create and maintain a harmonious relationship with nature. At the same time, we are collecting donations to plant trees on the land we aim to conserve.

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