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Sierra Nevada
de Santa Marta

Our farm is a part of The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta which is located on the north coast of Colombia, in front of the Caribbean Sea.

The Sierra Nevada the tallest coastal mountain range in the world and home to many diverse ecosystems.

You can find rain forests, Andean forests, snow peaks, beaches, deserts, and a thick jungle full of a unique range of animal and plant species.

These are the amazing places you can visit around Teiku Community 

Tayrona National Park

Just a few minutes walk close to Teiku, there is a beautiful national park where the indigenous tribe of the Tairona used to live. Some descendants of this tribe still live there. 

The combination of magnificent beaches and lush jungle vegetation turn it into a must visit. If you're lucky, you'll see different animals, such as monkey, snakes and many more. We recommend to visit the park for few days and spend the night on the beach in a hammock.


Minca is a small village located around 1 hour and a half from our farm. You can visit the town easily by bus. There are many restaurants and hostels in the town itself and around it you can find coffee and cacao farms, waterfalls, streams, bird watching and walking trails.

Minca showcases a sample of 35% of all bird species existing in Colombia, which is the country with the most variety of birds in the world (20% of the total species).


Palomino is a beach town located about a one hour drive away from Teiku.

There you'll find lovely beaches, nice hotels, great food and night life.

You can take part in different workshops, yoga or salsa lessons. 

The Lost City Trek –
Ciudad Perdida

The Lost City or ‘Ciudad Perdida’, is an ancient city and sacred site of the Tairona Civilization. It once covered the whole area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The city is estimated to date back to 800 AD and had around 8000 inhabitants. It is buried deep in the Colombian jungle and wasn’t rediscovered by foreigners until 1972.

You can visit the Lost City in a four to five day hike.

The trek offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, see the ancient ruins of a Pre-Columbian civilization and pass the land of the Kogui. 

The trail follows a river for almost the entire length, so you can cool off in the water regularly and visit small waterfalls where you can see hummingbirds, butterflies and colorful tropical birds.

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