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Retreats, Workshops & Events

We warmly invite you to our community to take part in our retreats, courses of events, such as Temazcal, cacao tours, permaculture courses and many more.

Permaculture courses

Permaculture Design Course Course

Teiku  Akasha- School of Permaculture, Healing and Reconnection

Be part of this unique learning experience!

Join us in this holistic Permaculture course designed to inspire you and to awake your connection with nature. Learn about this beautiful way of life.

Permaculture is a way of life, a beautiful and evolving response to the challenges we face today as humans. It provides a holistic path to live life in a different way. This unique immersion is a theory and hands-on course intended to get you acquainted with the principles behind permaculture and at the same time to boost your confidence towards exploring a way of life closer to nature.


This course was designed with three components in mind:

  • Mind: To provide an understanding of the of theory behind Permaculture & principle of design

  • Body: A good deal of hands-on exercises/workshops to build confidence and deeper understanding of the theory and to provide exposure of what it means to work with the land

  • Spirit: To awaken and solidify the understanding that you are a very important part of this beautiful world and its awe-inspiring expansion. To understand that our actions and decisions have universal repercussions. To experience how awesome and rewarding is to use our human abilities to co-create with Nature.

The course also includes daily Yoga classes and sharing circles.

Some basic requirements

  • No experience required. The course is designed for people with no previous exposure and for those who have basic knowledge and experience on the topic.

  • Expect to be challenged - mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • This is a theory and hands-on course. We will have a good deal of practical exercises on the field where you are expected to keenly participate on these activities.

  • The course will be taught in English


The course includes accommodation. You will sleep in shared dorms with bunk beds.

We also have a few private cabins if you prefer more privacy. There is an extra fee for cabins.



Food is included in the price, vegetarian diet (milk and eggs). Vegans are also welcome upon request.


In Teiku farm, close to Tayrona Park, Santa Marta, Colombia - beautiful community land with nice spots to enjoy nature and the river.

The instructors

Marlon Akasha & Paola Barrientos -  Twelve years ago, they decided to change their way of life and to walk a less beaten path. Paola and Marlon have more than 8 years of experience fully living and running Ecofinca Akasha Permaculture School in the mountains of Santander, Colombia. Their unique edge is to amalgamate the power of Permaculture and the ancient knowledge from native communities. They dedicate their lives to share what they have learned with anybody who is open to receive it. So far, more than 600 students from all around the world have participated in their courses.


Every few months there is a course in Teiku.

The next course - Not Published Yet

Send us a message to find out when the next course is.


Temazcal is a traditional practice of the tribes of north America and Mexico.

In their traditions, the Temazcal is considered to be the womb. During the Temazcal ceremony we enter the womb of Mother Earth to clean ourselves and come out new - like a rebirth.

The Temazcal entails a steam bath, sound therapy and aroma therapy.Heat, steam and sweat cause a body purification. This purification is not limited to the body only but also encompasses the spiritual level. The symbolism of the Temazcal structure and oral tradition reflect the connection between the body, spirit and nature. Special volcanic stones, the abuealitas, are used during the Temazcal, from which we receive information. 

The Temazcal helps us on many layers. On the physical level it helps with:

  • Relaxation of the muscular system

  • Improvement of the immune system

  • Helps with flu, bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis

  • Increases blood flow

On the non-physical level, the Temazcal helps us to connect inside and to release thoughts. It relaxes our bodies and minds and helps us to deal with problems such as stress, insomnia and nervous tension.

On the mental level it allows us a deeper understanding of our emotional questions and personal problems.

The Temazcal is a space to pray for all relationships, connect with the elements of the earth, sing, remember who we are, understand our purpose, raise the frequency and to go out new and lighter.

We host a Temazcal almost every Sunday. 

Contact Amaru for more information on the next ceremony.

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