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Our Cacao

Connect with the medicine of our 100% cacao made with a lot of love, grown with balance of nature and with support of the local community.

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The Cacao is a magical tree, full of history, of reverence and respect, often referred to as

"The Food Of The Gods."


Historically held with such value that it was once the monetary currency of the Mayan civilizations and drank by the wealthy in extravagant ceremonies to celebrate births, matrimony and other prestigious events.

In the Mayan tradition they referred to the cacao as the heart of humanity.

At Teiku we are working closely with the local cooperative, Guarda La Sierra, and buying our beans from them. The cooperative represents almost 100 indigenous and local farmers from this territory.

Teiku has close to 100 of its own cacao trees of varying ages.

The trees require a lot of attention and love in order to give their gifts. So it is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to get close and personal with the trees whilst composting, mulching, pruning and harvesting.

We believe that in this close relationship with the trees, where we watch new leaves grow and change color almost daily, we are creating a relationship, a bond with the trees, like a parent with a child, and the trees respond magically to the right attention, care and space to flourish.


The spirit of the Cacao, heart opening, warming, loving, and sweet continue to come closer and closer, deeper and deeper into community life.

The whole mountain of Trompito is very well represented with cacao with many incredible people working beautifully with Cacao in various ways. It feels like an epicenter of Cacao, a Meka of Cacao.

With ever growing faith and belief in the process of the medicine of the Cacao, we feel great strength and guidance from the help it offers us connect more and more with our hearts and make decisions from love rather than fear.

It appears the cacao has come at a good time for humanity!


At Teiku and in collaboration with our amazing village neighbors we are able to offer a diverse range of experiences with the Cacao of this region including the production process all the way through to cacao ceremonies!

Once you open the door to cacao and participate in the full circle, "Chocolate" will never ever be the same again!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cacao!


The process of making Ceremonial Grade 100 % Cacao 

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Ways of using our 100% & ceremonial grade cacao

Ceremonial cacao

35-42g of our cacao (per person)

A bit of chilli
Natural sweetener

1 cup of water/ coconut milk

Boil the liquid with the spices
When the water boils, add the sweetener & the chilli
Turn off the heat and add the cacao (chopped)
Mix the cacao and put your intentions
You can put it all in the blender or mix it really well by yourself

Dark Chocolate

150g of our cacao 

Natural sweetener


Any add-ins you would like-
Cinnamon, Coconut,peanut butter, berries, chia seeds, almonds, cacao nibs...

Boil water in a pot and place an empty bowl on top of the pot

Chop the cacao well
When the water boils, add the cacao to the empty bowl with the sweetener

Once the cacao is melted, pour it to any container and mix with the add-ins. Wait for it to become solid and place in the pridge.

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