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Welcome to Our Community Farm

in Trompito village, Tayrona

La Sierra Nevada, Colombia



Teiku is the ancient name of the spirit of the mountain we live on. In the Kogui language it represents the spirit of abundance, knowledge and caregiving.

Teiku is an eco-spiritual village aligned with these values.

We are building a community and a home for people who want to learn and live in close connection with nature and like-minded souls.


Connected to the principles of permaculture we live a sustainable lifestyle in a symbiotic relationship with the land and each other. We constantly grow together with nature.

Our Visiting Programs

Do you want to live with us on the farm and join our community?

We have different programmes in which you learn about permaculture, construction and get to know the local tribes' cultures. You can also join us for a short-term visit. 



We make our own organic and delicious cacao on the farm.

Our cacao grows here in the Sierra Nevada. We collect the beans from the farms of indigenous families and the cacao trees on our farm.

We host different courses and retreats several times a year, such as permaculture courses, women's retreats, drum making workshops and many more.

Almost every Sunday we host Temazcal.

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We live on the lands of local tribes of the Sierra Nevada - Kogui, Arhuacos, and Wiwa. We respect their traditions and beliefs.

Here in Teiku we live with one Kogui family and have the option to hike to their village to learn about their culture and lives. Sometimes we also visit an Arhuace village at the other side of the mountain. 

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