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Visit us 

Do you want to take a break from traveling, connect deeper with yourself, like-minded souls, Mother Earth and experience community life?

We invite you to join our community and live and work with us on the farm.

At the moment we offer two different options to visit us: 

  • Permaculture Programme (14 days)

  • ​Short-term visit (min. 3 nights)

If you would like to join us for the Permaculture programme, you can find the application form at the end of the pagePlease read all of the information in this page prior to applying.

The life in the community

Everyday we work together on specific projects in the community. The work includes different tasks, such as permaculture, construction or helping in the kitchen depending on the programme you choose. 


In the afternoon you can enjoy your free time by swimming in the river, relaxing or participating in different workshops like Kogui weaving, yoga, sharing circles and many more.


At night we spend the evening together in the Maloka with fire, sharing words and music.


It is important to us that everyone staying in the community values to live in harmony with each other and nature. With coming here you are part of the family and that is how we treat each other. We want you to feel at home and invite you to come with an open heart and mind. We ask you for open communication and treating each other with respect.

Our programmes

Lasting 14 days, the invitation is to come and live Permaculture as a lifestyle choice at our beautiful Eco-Community, sharing meals and sacred spaces together as a family, whilst connecting deeply with the essence of Permaculture across 4 different projects on the same mountain.

  • We work 5 hours a day, 5 days per week (Saturdays and Sundays are off).

  • We start work in the morning after breakfast around 8.30 am and finish at 1.30 pm.  

  • You stay in a dorm or a private room (upon request) and receive three healthy and delicious vegetarian or vegan meals per day. 

  • The contribution for the program is 85.000 COP per night. Other accommodation options available at other rates.

  • Arrival every Friday and Sunday before 4 pm

The programme offers a unique opportunity to come and study deeply the wisdom contained within the underlying principles of Permaculture. 

During these 14 days, you will:

  • evolve as a human being

  • feel more connected to yourself, nature, and everyone and everything in your life, 

  • have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to apply the teachings to land all over the world

  • become a huge asset to humanity as you actively work towards regenerating Planet Earth, working in harmony with her rather than against her

What our recent visitors say about
the Permaculture programme

When I came to Sierra Nevada I did not really plan to do a permaculture course, but I met Steve at the right time and the course found me. We had a wonderful time together, creating with the Earth and really seeing big changes. We built beds and terraces, planted trees, harvested fruits and yuca and visited other permaculture projects and had good chats with good cacao together. 

What I liked a lot, was the balance between teaching the scientific part and talking about the philosophy behind. We learned which components you need to give our soils and plants. Also it was part of the course to learn about the principles of permaculture and involve them in your daily life. I understood that permaculture is more than just a sustainable way of agriculture - it’s a way of connecting to nature deeply. 
During the course we also spent time together to connect to each other and ourselves. Steve created a place where there is space for everything. He really took good care of us. He made us laugh every day, gave us energy with his endless motivation and he gave us time to rest, when we needed it. Thank you for the great experience. You make a beautiful job, go on and spread permaculture love in the world.

Hanne - Germany - Feb 2024 

Liam - UK - Feb 2024

Liz - UK - Feb 2024

On a technical level, we explore:

  • Capturing and storing energy as a bedrock for a permaculture system using many techniques including banana circles, Vetiver, check dams, and terraces

  • water harvesting

  • moon calendar study

  • agroforestry for regenerating degraded soils

  • the alchemy of Bocashi compost

and much more...


We host Perma Cinema regularly to find inspiration and motivation in other projects. We also like to take groups on field trips to other projects nearby our farm to see Permaculture in action on other lands.

The Programme is open to anyone who feels the calling from inside to connect more deeply with the Earth. From this willingness, we have a great opportunity to go very deep and download incredible new ways of living and co-curating together with Mother Earth.
Long-term stay

If you have already been through one of the programmes and would like spend more time in our community, we invite you for a long-term stay.

The support we ask for during your stay will be something we can agree on together. The money is used to have an abundance of food, for living costs and reinvestments into the land.

The programme is suitable for you if you:


  • Have the motivation to be a part of the community and want to take on more responsibility for the farm and the family.

  • Want to deepen your connection to the land, the work, the tribes and the family.

  • Want to learn more about permaculture, construction, art and more.

  • Want to stay in one place for a longer period to get a sense of home.

  • Are maybe seriously thinking about having your own farm and you want to gather some inspiration!